Arabesque...Fascial Priming for Whole Body Walking

 Arabesque and High Heel Walking.

These are some exercises to train, attune and empower the Superficial Back Fascial Line for Whole Body Walking.  Most of us walk balancing on our hip joints and pulling the front foot forward for a heel strike hitting first in front.   Walking is one of the most amazing whole body good for your fascia/good for you things you can do...that is..when you use ALL of your neuromyofascial wetsuit!

This video is a simple "How to" exercise video that I give to clients when I start to teach them this new way of walking.  Doing these exercises helps get you "in shape" for Whole Body Walking because we use so much more of our body to walk this way than we normally's a great workout!
The Arabesque also stretches  the Superficial Front Fascial line to allow the leg to swing fully behind you when you walk.


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