Bunch of Testimonials!

Testimonials for Fascial Priming 
and for Neuromyofascial Bodywork and Movement
with Laurie Keith, LMP
(all local Whidbey Islanders)

Jill Hummelstein:Working with Laurie has changed my life, tipped me into a place of discovery and empowerment, instead of lingering in realm of injury and inflammation. Whether I'm in a session with her or trying out the take home  Fascial Priming exercises she gives me each session, I feel, at the age of fifty-six, more in tune with my body than I have ever been in my life.  I love to swim, it is the main way I explore the possiblilites of my body.  Laurie is teaching me how to feel my body from the inside out and create an internal map, through a push and a release, a pulsing of joined with my attention, that allows me to watch my body come alive and connect from my toes to the top of my head.
Each swim is now the best swim of my life because I have moved on from solely physical conditioning to neurological conditioning.

Perry Lovelace: Awakening the whole fascial system brought back sensation in my lower leg which had been offline for 30 years since I had a bad accident and lost nerve sensation. This was the door, the beginning that opened my nerves to further healing so then the exercise and healing modalities I was using became more effective and now I am walking with greater ease and balance. Health is about internal awareness and doing something about it.  This class greatly improved my ability to live healthfully.

Julie Schlender :  I thought I was going to have to have surgery. It was like a miracle; now I can move!  

Aubrie keegan: After our last session I feel SO MUCH LIGHTER and I haven't been stumbling around like I was. Both vast improvements.

Rhonda Salerno: You would not believe.  It really worked….what you did!  I have not been noticing leg or knee pain at all!’

James Delong:   I absolutely and unconditionally recommend this series to anyone who has a desire to function more efficiently and effectively in their body (and who among us does not desire this?).  I think this work is helping me reduce the chronic nerve pain I've experienced off and on for the past forty-five years.   It definitely has increased the pleasure I feel in my body as I move through the day.  Your enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious, your genuineness invites open self reflection, your warmth is, well, heartwarming.  As you described in the first session, you bring decades of exploration in ways of understanding the body, streams of theory and practice that intersect and overlap and together provide a richer map of this corporal home within which our spirit resides.  I love the ongoing "felt" awareness of my neuromyofacial websuit: The more "evolved" sense I have of being in my body. You have a manner of teaching that, beside sharing your wisdom, invites the wisdom in each of your students to be shared.  You are a seasoned observer of bodies at rest and in motion.  Your metaphors are helpful (websuit, sponge, etc.) as were your demonstrations/modeling before we tried something.  And, eliciting our immediate feedback as we tried things was critical, too. You are a kind and generous guide.  

Maureen Freehill: I twisted my ankle in a dance session and woke up with pain and trouble walking the next day.  I decided to try one of Laurie's fascial priming techniques with that specific area to see if it would help and it did!  It feels great knowing the Fascial Priming approach of listening and responding to cues from my body as they arise, so I can attend to them before they become a chronic issue. I also suggested this simple technique to a friend who was in pain and it immediately helped them feel more ease and freedom of movement as well.  Thanks so much Laurie for your Fascial Priming support!!!

Jane Klaussen:  I was affirmed and and encouraged at your flexible body distinction and the exploratory, playful, curiosity led approach, something we can do anywhere, in public …. I love your whole approach; it’s a great reminder to attend to body, by moving , virtually any time or place. So I’m integrating releasing movements into my daily life more often, being playful with it, and sharing it with friends.

Terry welch:  I feel I can visualize how the facia works and connects at a lay-persons level.  I have talked about it a bit in my bio classes at school too.  Just knowing that aches and pains can be alleviated with facia work, changing the way I walk, move, etc, can affect/help.  

judith lovelace: I loved Learning about my "websuit" and how important it is to health and vitality. I love the exercises done in bed each morning.  They energize my day. Fascial Priming is a new way of rejuvenating our health worth utilizing: a really an important program for overall health and your passion is contagious.

Suzanne Faegol: Working with Laurie has been amazing. She has helped me correct old body patterns bringing both pain relief and pointing me in a healthier direction for how I move though my day.  She is skillful, gentle, caring; has a wealth of knowledge, and is always learning and bringing new techniques that continue to be helpful.


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