Testimonial from a Total Immersion Swimmer

Working with Laurie has changed my life, tipped me into a place of discovery and empowerment, instead of lingering in realm of injury and inflammation. Whether I'm in a session with her or trying out the take home Fascial Priming exercises she gives me each session; I feel, at the age of fifty six, more in tune with my body than I have ever been in my life.

I love to swim, it is the main way I explore the possiblilites of my body, and it is fun and fascinating to test drive the new ways I feel in the water, on dry land, in my bed, on floors and walls, wherever I want to activate a deeper connection to my core and the fascial lines. Laurie is teaching me how to feel my body from the inside out and create an internal map, through a push and a release, a pulsing of joined with my attention, that allows me to watch my body come alive and connect from my toes to the top of my head.

This connection is the foundation of swimming. Since there is no purchase to push off of in an aquatic environment, the ability to activate the core and turn on and off various groups of muscles at any given moment, is the key to balance and swimming like a dolphin. Now my effort is in the right place. Instead of grinding out laps I watch where my attention is, how smooth my motions are, and how little I have to disrupt the balance of my entire body to take a quick breath. Each swim is now the best swim of my life because I have moved on from solely physical conditioning to neurological conditioning. That is, I'm learning to align my intentions with my body.

Jill Hummelstein, Whidbey Island, Washington (that's her in the video swimming!)


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