Introduction to Fascial Priming

Introduction to Fascial Priming

Priming and Attuning our NEUROMYOFASCIAL WEB
for greater strength, freedom, vitality, ease and FUN 
in daily life in a body! 


 February 13, 2018  10-11:30 am 
Aldermarsh on South Whidbey Island:

This will be an experiential introduction to the new science about how are bodies are put together, held together, stand in gravity, and move as layers and sheaths of highly neurologically sensitive fascial webs with bones and muscles as pockets within a greater contiguous whole.  It's like we live in a big  "onesie" wetsuit from head to toe.  

So What is Fascial Priming???  Fascial Priming is all about "Priming" this neuromyofascial websuit by releasing teathered dormant nerves strapped in tight fascia and getting them to listen and collaborate...attune and tone specific fascial lines so we are..."primed and ready" for greater efficiency, mastery, ease, strength, performance, flexibility and fun in whatever movements we are up to: competitive sports, dancing, walking, meditating or emptying the dishwasher! Fascial Priming  is a fresh approach to movement and sensation that has grown out of the  paradigm shift happening in our understanding of our do we care for this "websuit"?

This Intro class will serve as the first class in a 6 week Fascial Priming Lab Part 1.  A "Lab" because this work is exploratory and you will be discovering movements  you never knew you had in you!   It will be a limited small group size so please contact me ahead to sign up if interested.  Fine to just come to the intro and check it out!  The 6 week class will be Tuesdays 10 am at Aldermarsh starting Feb 13th.  To register for the class (limited size) or for more info, send a note on contact page of 


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