Who/What are we???

I have always loved the definition from Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe (http://duaneelgin.com/about/) of WHO WE ARE in the Universe:  "We are Beings of Light, Love, Music and Knowing".   Duane Elgin writes about how Quantum Physics and other cutting edge science translates into our human experience on this planet.  According to this perspective, we do not live in a dead universe, cold and lifeless; but rather in a field of aliveness and of consciousness that is continually regenerating itself.  The Universe is a living system that lives within us as we live in it. Another definition of "Us" he offers is, "We are beings of cosmic connection who are learning to live in a living universe."

This resonates "True" for me.  You?  How do we really "Know" for sure what is true that anyone says or writes these days as so much of what is written has a paid intention funding it for some purpose that may not be a great one.  I believe that we need to "tune" our own "antennae" for truth...cultivate our own barometer ...our intuition, our Heart Mind awareness and learn to listen inside ourselves for what is "True".  Why is it important what actually is "True"?  ???  Ancient Celtic wisdom offers insight into this.  They value the study of "Mythstery" as an alternative to "History".  We may not be able to "Know" for sure what happened in the past (each writer has his/her own perspective, bias and agenda), but we can gain from hearing the stories ...that may be true or a myth....or, "fake news"!  What is valuable, then, is not arguing over what "truly" happened, but listening in for what is valuable in "growing one's soul".    If our soul is part of a greater collective consciousness, then it follows that caring for growing our soul, cultivating evolved consciousness might be a nice way to contribute to healing, evolution, goodness, light, love...things that we sense are part of the "wonder"fullness of being alive.

So...if we get that we really are, "Beings of Light, Love, Music and Knowing", of "Cosmic connection",  how then to we care for our this physicality of Being. We are this consciousness "Embodied".   Seems to me that to wake up the body sensing...to experience...feel...pay attention...be mindful in this body, to open up our senses and experience and appreciate more could be a good place to start.  Fascial Priming is all about this!


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