Embodied Attunement!

I'm giving a presentation at Unitarian Universalist Church tomorrow night, (10/26 6:30pm in Freeland, WA) on "Embodied Attunement" as part of a series on "Exporations of Contemplative Practices"    Here is some background.  I  named my business years ago, "Attunement Arts".   I was intrigued with what I felt were the wide ramifications/applications of this concept to life and it applies to my approach to Bodywork, Energy work, movement, presence, etc.   Now I'd like to share more specifically how it applies to Fascial Priming and Awakening on many levels.

Please see last post on "Who are We?" as background for this post. Thanks!

I am offering now this concept of, "Attunement" as possibly a helpful guidepost in this inquiry of "Who are we?".   The definition of Attunement is "to bring into harmonious, responsive relationship", "to be at one with".  If we are fields of energy, consciousness, vibrational frequencies, then the more we can tune in, listen and  harmonize;  the more we can collaborate, cooperate and perhaps experience/create greater health, strength, and well being as a result.  Seems to me this applies to international communications, personal relationships, as well as the systems of our body.  Our culture and educational systems have continually compartmentalized, separated, dissected and created divisions of study and language around everything including anatomy and physiology.   We get on a machine to strengthen our biceps.   We exercise  "the body" while our mind is separate, occupied by some far away fascination.

Attuning and moving our Neuromyofascial Websuit (see first post on Fascial Priming) will help awaken sensory nerves which can help us listen better to what is going on not only inside the body, but outside the body in the greater world as well.  This greater sensitivity to reality/ better listening facilitates  better  collaboration of the layers of interconnected webbing surrounding networks of sensory and motor nerves, blood vessels, muscle fibers, bones, organs, etc.  This fascial suit is alive and sensing...more senses than in our eye or our tongue and 10x more than in the muscles.  It picks up the info of what is going on in the body and  communicates it to the mastermind of brain/mind/consciousness/soul...whatever intelligence it is within us!   This intelligence can then take that info and make  choices about next actions...such as shifting a few degrees to the left so we don't fall over...leaving a room because the vibe is not good, or sending fibroblasts to heal a wound.   The interconnectivity and collaboration fosters greater intelligence, awareness and thus precision of action.  It follows that this well tuned instrument...us will allow greater attunement to/with/of universal consciousness.  It is possible that when our system is "primed" ...more alive and sensing more subtlety,  we can better attune to our own wisdom within...to greater divine wisdom within/without.  Perhaps our body is like an antennae. When it is functioning properly it can "tune" more clearly or more skillfully to different frequencies and information in the field.

All these words..."resonate", "tune", "vibe/vibration",  "harmony" are words used to describe energy and sound.   Frequencies with a tradition of sacred practice now can be understood to be therapeutic and useful as we look at how to care for our field of vibration...Light, Sound, Love and Knowing  that we are!     Many spiritual traditions have sound and or singing practices as an integral part of an embodied spiritual practice.  We can attune our being to frequencies of choice...with our intention and with choice of sound...and with thoughts.  What frequencies are you choosing to resonate with in your daily life?

The idea of "Embodied Attunement"; though not specifically called this, has been around a long long time and is found in many traditions such as Qi gong, Yoga, Sufism,  Sacred Dance, Sacred Ceremonies, etc.  Nothing new here except the new science about fascia that allows us to put research  and western rational understanding behind these sacred practices from around the world.  Sometimes we westerners really need to understand things in our mind before we can release the mind and just experience what is.  Our intention is the key.  And...perhaps attention to our physical body's ability to attune to chosen frequencies can help us experience a bit more of who we really are....these beings of Light, Love, Music and Knowing! (see reference in last blog post!)


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