Healing Knee and Hip Problems with Fascial Priming

I had given up hiking in the  mountains, truly one of my most favorite things; and jogging because of my sore knees and hip.  Pain on the inside of the knees (symptoms of meniscus tear with locking and giving way too)..both knees hurt, even though it was only the left (...or was it the right??!) that I injured skiing.

I've now healed both my knee problems and my hip problem over the course of the last year via a combination of techniques and therapy from Hanna Somatics,  Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains, Fascial Fitness and Neurofascial Release Therapy.   And...because I can't shut up my creative "improvements" inventor part of me, I have been "discovering" a number of "ah'ha's" ...really great and often fun movements that are outside our normal box of movements that I believe are really amazing!  These keep evolving out of my experience doing this now and are rooted in putting together wisdom from different bodies of knowledge that haven't yet cross-pollinated to get a synergistic more powerful effect.  Particularly the approach from Tom Myers who discovered that this fascial websuit has "tracks" or "trains" that are like guy wires or support tracks in this supporting fascial websuit.  He calls them Anatomy Trains. When these tracks are empowered, awake, coordinated, attuned; we work better!  This framework and then applying more insights from the Fascial Research Congresses that have been happening over the past 10 years plus movement therapies such as Propriceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (say that 10 x really fast!), Muscle Energy Technique/Onsen therapy, Muscle Energy Stretching, Reciprocal Inhibition,  Neural Release Therapy, Swedish Gymnastics, and Hanna Somatics combined with hands on bodywork techniques such as KMI (Tom Myers' Manual Therapy technique called Kinesis Myofascial Integraton), Pin and Stretch, Fascial Unwinding and Neurofascial Release (I will put links to all of these on here sometime soon!)...has resulted in some discoveries that are at least new to me...and have been very helpful to me.  I have been a bodyworker for almost 30 years and just in the last couple of years for me all the wide variety of techniques are starting to make sense as a whole...now that I have this new understanding of the Anatomy of the Neuromyofascial web!  Wood bends! (sorry...that was a reference to an analogy in my previous/first blog post!)  It's very exciting.

So...I'm wanting to share these "ah-ha's" and see how some particular sequencing, or  re-attunement training of the fascia is received by others.  Does it work for you?  Does it help?  What else might work better?    I envision this Lab as a  learning opportunity for us all.  I don't know all the answers...I don't know what will work best in YOUR body, but I have a pretty wide grasp of a lot of this body fascia movement stuff and am excited to discover how to pass this on...SO THAT it may help you the way it all has helped me...and you can experience feeling more alive, energized, coordinated, strong, flexible and pain free...or at least a lot less pain if you have it!  With a body that is awake and continually communicating amoungst its'selves (I like to  think of us as a community of voices and participants within), we can feel and experience MORE Life!  We can feel more alive, appreciate more, marvel more in awe;  and ...maybe that is what what we are here for!  My background also includes many years experience doing or teaching  Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Sacred Sound practices.   You can check out "Qua" on my website under, "Attunement Moves" or more info on my background there too.  www.attunementarts.com.   

Photo here from my 21 mile hike in the Olympic Mountains this summer...finding my goat buddies at Lunch Lake!

Thanks so much for your interest and for reading to here!



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