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Fascial Priming Lab Series starts Feb 13, 2018

Priming and Attuning our NEUROMYOFASCIAL WEB for greater strength, freedom, vitality, ease and FUN  in daily life in a body! 
This will be an experiential education into to the new science about how are bodies are put together, held together, stand in gravity, and move as layers and sheaths of highly neurologically sensitive fascial webs with bones and muscles as pockets within a greater contiguous whole.  It's like we live in a big  "onesie" wetsuit from head to toe and that informs new possibilities for self care.
What we'll be up to in the 6 class series:
*reframing our sense and experience of our physical body in motion *awakening the embodied explorer within *releasing long term patterns of limitation*tone and train the Neuromyofascial websuit**for greater balance, strength, agility, precision of movement: "primed" and ready for adventures in a body! *learning self massage to empower you to specifically untether restrictions *learning to create your own custom …

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